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Edgeley Public School Posts

School Board Vacancy

LOOKING FOR SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES!! Edgeley Public School District #3 School Board Election Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM at the Edgeley High School PURPOSE of the election is to elect: One member (3-year term) representing the area EAST OF HWY 281 & NORTH OF HWY 13 One member (3-year term) representing the CITY OF EDGELEY  Anyone wishing to run for a position on the Board MUST FILE AN APPLICATION,  STATEMENT OF INTENT, AND STATEMENT OF INTEREST with the Business Manager, Sadie Barnick, BEFORE 4:00 PM on MONDAY, APRIL 5th, 2021.  Forms are available at the Edgeley School Central Office or online at  Call 493-2292 or stop in!

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Superintendent Hanson’s April Newsletter

RANGER NEWSLETTER April, 2021                       EDGELEY PUBLIC SCHOOL                           Vol. 36, No.9 Happy Spring! Springtime means tulips blossoming and birds singing. It also is budget season at the school. I want to explain how the six major budget categories work, what they fund and why. General Fund: this is the main artery fund for all financial resources and our expenditures EXCEPT those paid out of other funds. This fund provides funding for books, materials, supplies, employees’ salaries, etc. Special Reserve: this an optional fund to accumulate reserve funds. Debt Services Funds: an account for the accumulation of resource funds for the payment of general long-term debt, principal and interest. Capital Project Funds: this fund is used to acquire or construct major capital facilities. Some of the revenue comes from sale of bonds, as well as building and special assessment levies allowed for school districts. Food Service Funds: this fund is used to…

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Edgeley Reopening Health and Safety Plan

EPS District Reopening Health & Safety Plan Students, Parents/Families, Staff, and Community Members, Attached is the EPS “Preliminary Reopening Plan”!! We are excited to share this plan with you and hope that you will take the opportunity to read, review, and provide your comment. Please complete the (optional) survey with your comment/question/feedback by clicking on the link below. This plan will address general information to our district.  However, it is not comprehensive to specific situations and circumstances that will happen in the 20-21 school year. This preliminary district plan will provide you with the 30,000-foot overview prior to receiving more specific (ground level) information in the next couple of weeks. ***If you would like to enroll your students in the Distance Learning option for the 2020-2021 School year, we ask that you do so by contacting the school at 701-493-2292 no later than August 13. We all know these…

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Setting up PowerSchool on your cell phone

You must have a PowerSchool Account first!  E-mail for help getting one. Setup for PowerSchool mobile app for IOS devices and Android Devices 1. Download or update the current PowerSchoolmobile app from the app store or Googleplay 2. After the app is downloaded start the PowerSchoolmobile app 3. Click on “Where’s my District Code” 5. Choose the option “Enter server address” and enter this: 6. Answer No Edgeley is not in Canada. 7. On the login page input your username and password and touch the sign in button

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