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Edgeley Public School Posts

Superintendent Hanson’s January Newsletter

RANGER NEWSLETTER January, 2021                     EDGELEY PUBLIC SCHOOL                                    Vol. 37, No. 6 Coping with Stress With the start of the new calendar year, our children may experience increased anxiety and stress due to academic, social demands, the holiday season and the pandemic. Left untreated, stress can lead to more complicated health issues and possible learning difficulties. Recognizing the symptoms of stress in children is not always easy but can be the first step in prevention of further problems.   Behavioral changes such as mood swings, acting out, anger outbursts, or physical effects such as headaches and stomachaches can be red flags.  Other symptoms may include difficulty with concentration, completion of homework, withdrawal from social activities, poor sleep, and defiance of authority. Identifying these symptoms and making efforts to support your child and assist him/her in resolving the triggers of stress are all part of parenting.  Proper rest, good nutritional habits and adequate…

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Mr. Hanson’s Newsletter

RANGER NEWSLETTER December, 2020                      EDGELEY PUBLIC SCHOOL                           Vol. 37, No. 5 Thankful! Edgeley Public School is full of amazing people who balance innumerable tasks throughout a school day. Not only do we teach children how to read, write and calculate, we teach them how to be critical thinkers, collaborators, and use their own curiosity to discover new ideas, to name a few. Wow, but there is so much more! We have plays, projects and conferences—grading, paperwork, notes to parents, committee meetings, coach, collect work—daily dilemmas dealing with happy and not-so happy children become part of the job that pulls on our heart and is packed to take home along with papers that need reading. I am proud to call Edgeley home and Edgeley School my work place. Why? Because of the professionals who are constantly learning and explaining their knowledge about how children learn and what kind of teaching works…

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FREE Meal Notification

Edgeley Public Schools is pleased to announce that every student will continue to receive FREE breakfast and lunch for the entire 2020-21 school year!  This includes all students, no matter their income level.  Virtual and/or Distance learning students may contact the school to schedule curbside pickup of their meals, if desired, at 701-493-2292. The free meals come via funding from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA.  All meals, since the first day of school on August 19th, have been free for all students.  Refunds have been issued to all accounts for any charges incurred before the program was originally announced on September 1st. Edgeley Public Schools will continue to track when students eat breakfast or lunch. Students will log their free meals by using their student lunch account number as normal. Extra items at breakfast (more than 4 items), extra milks, and ala carte items will still be charged…

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Edgeley Reopening Health and Safety Plan

EPS District Reopening Health & Safety Plan Students, Parents/Families, Staff, and Community Members, Attached is the EPS “Preliminary Reopening Plan”!! We are excited to share this plan with you and hope that you will take the opportunity to read, review, and provide your comment. Please complete the (optional) survey with your comment/question/feedback by clicking on the link below. This plan will address general information to our district.  However, it is not comprehensive to specific situations and circumstances that will happen in the 20-21 school year. This preliminary district plan will provide you with the 30,000-foot overview prior to receiving more specific (ground level) information in the next couple of weeks. ***If you would like to enroll your students in the Distance Learning option for the 2020-2021 School year, we ask that you do so by contacting the school at 701-493-2292 no later than August 13. We all know these…

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Setting up PowerSchool on your cell phone

You must have a PowerSchool Account first!  E-mail for help getting one. Setup for PowerSchool mobile app for IOS devices and Android Devices 1. Download or update the current PowerSchoolmobile app from the app store or Googleplay 2. After the app is downloaded start the PowerSchoolmobile app 3. Click on “Where’s my District Code” 5. Choose the option “Enter server address” and enter this: 6. Answer No Edgeley is not in Canada. 7. On the login page input your username and password and touch the sign in button

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